We are at a crossroads. We’ve seen unprecedented economic change in Richmond, but while some residents and businesses thrive in state of the art facilities, our students and teachers struggle to learn  in buildings with lead-contaminated water and rats in the halls. All of our students—regardless of race or income—deserve to participate fully in their city’s future. As a community organizer and public education advocate, I’ve worked alongside working class communities to demand inclusion in spaces where unequal distribution of wealth threatened our very presence. I’ve organized alongside hotel workers for benefits and healthcare. I’ve organized alongside teachers for increased per-pupil funding. I’ve seen people grow tired of the status quo, fight back, and win more than they thought possible.  


I believe we can amplify resident voices in a city that has handed corporate interests a microphone. I believe we can build a multi-racial movement that transforms a struggling system into a network of neighborhood schools that treat students as full participants in their city, their future, and our shared world. This is why I am running for School Board. I have knocked on doors across our district, and I have listened firsthand to a community of people who are stepping into their power. The 7th can have amazing schools that develop students to be critical thinkers, community builders, and architects of our future.

We can have Anything we’re willing to fight for.

We must reckon with the fact that we have not lived up to the promise of Brown vs. Board of Education: in the former capital of the Confederacy we have allowed the absolute starvation of a majority African-American school district.
— Gary Broderick

Our Campaign

The majority of Richmonders believe investing in people is more important than making profits, but our tax structures don’t reflect that moral clarity. The median Richmond household income remains approximately $38,000 annually, and that household pays the same income tax rate as one that makes $250,000 a year. Virginia’s corporate tax-rate is one of the lowest in the country, and has not been raised in 40 years. It is simply not possible to fully fund public education and allow for wealthy special interests to avoid paying their fair share in taxes. This will be a campaign for people who want to start saying so. We must put in office — at every level — elected officials who will call for progressive taxation. Those who do not are not serious about funding public education.

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Grassroots Campaigns Need Grassroots Funding

We’ve committed to funding our work without corporate donations, including support from Richmond’s top three corporate donors: Altria, Dominion Energy, or the Ukrops. Donate now and help us build a people-first politic in our city. Invest in schools. Invest in us.